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How to Gain 5 Extra Hours of Free Time A Month

Gain 5 hours of Time Each Month by Offloading Tasks to a Virtual Assistant

An extra 5 hours a month can improve your business or help you reach your personal goals!
  • Grow your income by finally starting the business you have been dreaming about 
  • Expand your influence through a speaking engagement, guest blog post, or podcast interview
  • Grow your sales pipeline by reaching out to prospects who have expressed interest in working with you

Most people attempt to set aside a large block of time to work on the things that are important but not urgent, but this rarely works.  Urgent tasks and pre-existing commitments tend to sideline even those with the best intentions. Using a virtual assistant to handle pesky tasks such as screening emails, writing a blog post, prioritizing tasks, or managing your social media presence just 15 minutes a day, 5 days a week, will lead to over 5 hours of “free” time each month.

I love seeing the relief my clients experience when they realize it’s no longer up to them to have everything in order. Many of them look to me to help them keep up with their social media management. While it’s critical to have a presence on social media and stay in front of their audience, it’s more important for them to be thinking strategically and solving the problems that will help their business or nonprofit grow.

Think you could use someone to work behind the scenes to make you even more successful? Let’s talk!


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