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How to Gain 5 Extra Hours of Free Time A Month

Gain 5 hours of Time Each Month by Offloading Tasks to a Virtual Assistant

An extra 5 hours a month can improve your business or help you reach your personal goals!
  • Grow your income by finally starting the business you have been dreaming about 
  • Expand your influence through a speaking engagement, guest blog post, or podcast interview
  • Grow your sales pipeline by reaching out to prospects who have expressed interest in working with you

Most people attempt to set aside a large block of time to work on the things that are important but not urgent, but this rarely works.  Urgent tasks and pre-existing commitments tend to sideline even those with the best intentions. Using a virtual assistant to handle pesky tasks such as screening emails, writing a blog post, prioritizing tasks, or managing your social media presence just 15 minutes a day, 5 days a week, will lead to over 5 hours of “free” time each month.

I love seeing the relief my clients experience when they realize it’s no longer up to them to have everything in order. Many of them look to me to help them keep up with their social media management. While it’s critical to have a presence on social media and stay in front of their audience, it’s more important for them to be thinking strategically and solving the problems that will help their business or nonprofit grow.

Think you could use someone to work behind the scenes to make you even more successful? Let’s talk!


August For Good – Joshua

Joshua is a six-day-old baby from Kenya who needs to close a gap over his spinal cord.

This month, I’m investing a portion of the profits from my wonderful clients and giving to Joshua, who was born with a growing mass on his back.

Since his parents are farmers, they cannot afford the surgery needed to allow his spinal cord to develop normally.

You can join me in funding Joshua’s surgery by visiting his profile page on Watsi here.


The Power of Delegation – Virtual Assistant Help

Delegation Requires Thoughtful Planning

Many successful businesswomen end up doing the tasks the don’t want to do because they are so driven and effective.

Managers often end up completing tasks they had delegated to others, because those tasks somehow end up back on their plate. I call this “reverse delegating.” – 6 Steps to More Effective Delegation

A skilled Virtual Assistant who understands how to be both flexible yet firm in completing a list of pre-defined tasks can be a tremendous asset to the driven but time-strapped leader.

They can prepare, assign, and ensure that all tasks are completed properly. While handing over the administration of these tasks can be uncomfortable and take some getting used to, the benefits always outweigh the costs.

1 – Spend More Time Growing the Business

Many weeks are spent fighting fires and reacting to unplanned events. Offloading tasks can provide the time needed to step out of fire fighting mode and into business growth mode.

2 – Spend More Time Strategically Thinking About the Business

Our brains cannot multi-task effectively, as much as we pretend they can. Strategic thinking is an asset that businesswomen need to fight to keep in their schedules.

3 –  Free Up Time to Exercise, Spend Time with Family, or Rest

Protecting our bodies and increasing our emotional well-being is critical for maintaining focus and seeing our dreams come to life.

Ready to offload some pesky taks? Let’s Talk!

The Bigger Picture of My Virtual Assistant Business

I love serving others.

Whether it’s my family, my first job out of college helping patients recover from open heart surgery as an Exercise Physiologist, sharing the Gospel with students during my time at Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ), and now in providing e-assistance with a variety of project tasks and digital communication needs, serving is at the core of who I am.

This new venture is not about me either.

I’m committed to making investments in people and organizations that serve others, especially those in tremendous need.

Each month, I will feature a person that will benefit from the fees I charge to my clients. This month, I’m so encouraged to be able support Taabu through Watsi.

Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 10.10.27 AM

Taabu was born with an exposed mass on his back, a condition called spina bifida. Doctors say that if untreated, he will lose critical spinal fluid and be at risk of life-threatening infections. Taabu will also be at risk of developing a curved spine, scoliosis, or paralysis.

Taabu will receive a spina bifida closure so that the mass will no longer be exposed and his risk of infection will decrease. His mother says, “I look forward to my son’s surgery, and I pray that he will get well after the procedure.” Let’s help Taabu grow up to be a healthy young boy!

Right now, the amount that I am able to invest in serving people such as Taabu is small. But, I hope that as my business grows, the collective impact I have will be great, as clients can collaborate with me to impact people around the world for good.

Thanks to those who have already begun working with me! I look forward to celebrating many great stories of serving others with you!