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    Chief Encouragement Officer & Task Completer

    I am an encourager and motivator at heart. I have the gift of hospitality and enjoy serving others. I love to see see people reach their goals whether it be in their work life or personal life.

    My biggest fans and those that I love to encourage and serve most are my husband and three kids.

 I’ve always been fascinated with the hotel concierge. I love that anyone can come up to them, state their request and they make it happen. The concierge figures out the how, deals with the details and all the behind scene stuff and then hands it over in a neatly wrapped packaged tied up with a bow. All that is left is the enjoyment of the gift! I want to be your “online concierge.”

A Passionate Servant with an Encouraging Heart

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Aubrey Barela Virtual Assistant

| Mobile: 530-518-4921 |